For over thirty years, Occupational Therapy Consultants, Inc. (OTC) has provided therapy, consultation and training programs in varied New Jersey environments. Services are provided by a multidisciplinary group of highly skilled and knowledgeable occupational and physical therapists, speech-language pathologists and behavioral specialists.

OTC's Clinic at Somerset is highly regarded for its services to children with developmental, learning, communication and behavioral problems. In this setting a sensory processing perspective and the sensory integration needs of the child are addressed.

OTC's evaluation and treatment philosophy considers the presenting problems of each child or adult along with the demands of their varied daily environments. The therapist's goal is to enable each child or adult to build skills necessary to fully participate in meaningful daily life activities. Important needs and concerns of families, educators and others are incorporated into our service model.

Our expert therapists may be found working at the Clinic as well as in early intervention, public and private schools, group and private homes, adult community programs, and geriatric rehabilitation settings. Wherever services are delivered, our knowledgeable staff designs interventions to meet client needs.

Consultation and training are an integral part of our approach. Colleagues and healthcare programs in New Jersey, across the country and internationally have been recipients of these important services.