“I have high regard for the OTC agency...therapists always complete evaluations in a timely manner...reports are detailed; describe the child's strengths and weaknesses and always provide great goals & objectives."

"The evaluations are done in a very timely fashion.  They are well-written and clear.  The goals are specific, measurable and appropriate to the needs of students"

“…. has been providing therapy services to our students in an out-of-district program since 1999.  You have also been providing in-district services for occupational and speech therapy since 2006.  This has been a team approach together with your therapists, our child study team, classroom teachers, and administration.  Our students have and are achieving positive outcomes as a reflection of our collaborative team approach and your emphasis on best practice services.”

“I cannot express the gratitude that we have here in (district) for the staff from your company. They have really stepped up to the plate for all staff and students here…They are all professional and courteous to the staff and students… they have really been an asset to our Special Education Program.”

“Occupational Therapy Consultants, Inc. has our utmost confidence.  I recommend them unconditionally and without hesitation, as an organization that is reliable, responsible and professional in the execution of their mission.”

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Occupational Therapy Consultants, Inc. for programs serving students with special needs.  Occupational Therapy Consultants has provided quality therapy services for more than 18 years in the fields of speech and occupational therapy at our Essex Campus. This year, the therapists have been involved in developing resources for assistive technology and creating a wonderful multi-sensory classroom for use by our students with multiple disabilities...Our model of collaborative and integrated therapy has continued to be used as the delivery model of service for the Department of Children and Families- Office of Education. These dedicated professionals continue to be creative, highly professional and knowledgeable.”